**UPDATED** SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. Stay tuned to this page for updates on publication of the anthology.


Shark Week. The Red Flag. The Monthlies. No matter what you call it, our periods matter to us. Welcome to The Aunt Flo Project.


Frustrated when it doesn’t come, annoyed when does, in health or in illness, we menstruate for half our lives and we all have stories to tell. From the first period to the last, from the period you wished you got but didn’t to the one you got that broke your heart, from figuring out how to rinse a menstrual cup in the men’s room to experiencing PMS when you don’t have a uterus, we want to hear it all. The funny and the frustrating, the clothing stain, the stuck tampon, the blood that binds half the world’s population. It’s time to break the taboos and rid the world of that weird blue liquid they pour into menstrual pads on TV. We want the real. We want your stories whether you are dealing with the expense and emotional rollercoaster once a month, the six week long flow after childbirth, or the heavy flow of perimenopause, or the loss, the hot flashes and the anger of full on menopause. Whether you aren’t menstruating and you wish you were or you are and wish you weren’t—we want to hear your stories—all of it—in prose, in poems, in flash, in hybrid, send us your work


The Aunt Flo Project is an upcoming anthology of poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction featuring writing about all aspects of menstruation. We’re looking for previously unpublished poems (up to six poems in a single document), fiction, and creative non-fiction up to 3,000 words. Submissions can deal with any aspect of the menstrual experience from the emotional to the physical: this includes first periods, last periods, never-ending periods, menstruating while trans, late periods, great periods, period shame, period pride. We will be thrilled to consider submissions from marginalized and under-represented groups, including but not limited to people of color, Indigenous people, disabled, chronically ill and/or neuroatypical people, as well as LGBTQIAP+ people.


Submissions are open. We know how urgent this moment is in so many other ways so we have moved to an open-ended reading period.


We will accept submissions in .doc or .docx emailed as an attachment to auntflo2020 at gmail dot com. Poets: if your work contains special formatting we will accept a pdf to ensure your formatting is retained. Please include the genre and your last name in the subject line (for example Poetry_Dickinson) and a brief cover letter. You may submit in more than one genre, but please send each submission as a separate email. Please don’t paste your submission into the body of the email, but only as an attachment. 


Simultaneous submissions are welcome. If your piece has been accepted elsewhere just drop us a line at auntflo2020 at gmail dot com with the subject line WITHDRAWAL with the title(s) of your work(s), your name, and the date of your submission in the body of your email please.

This is a non-paying market outside of one author-copy of the anthology. Its a labor of love to try to create a conversation and remove the stigmas around menstruation.

We can't wait to read your work!

Rachel Neve-Midbar

Jennifer Saunders